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There's a certain mystique that surrounds terms likeartificial intelligence. Although AI is becoming far more commonplace in thebusiness world, many otherwise innovative companies may still not realize itstrue potential. AI-based systems can provide numerous business benefits, frombusiness intelligence and analysis to product placement and recommendations.

Unfortunately, some business leaders may still be concernedabout AI's complexity or effectiveness in certain roles, such as customerservice. If you've been hesitant to integrate AI into your business operationsfor these reasons, it may be time to reconsider. This article will discussthree ways AI can easily and seamlessly reduce costs while providing ahigh-quality customer experience.

1. Avoid Missed Calls

There's no worse customer service experience than nocustomer service experience at all. A missed call often represents a missedopportunity since customers that feel ignored may not choose to call back.Depending on your company's specific needs, these missed calls may result inanything from a missed sales lead to a now permanently disgruntled end user.

Whatever the case, AI customer service systems can helpyour call centers achieve a perfect answer rate. Since AI systems are availablearound-the-clock and can scale more easily than human employees, there's noconcern that your business may outpace your ability to hire new call centeremployees. Likewise, you can seamlessly scale to deal with significant buttemporary call surges.

Utilizing AI in this way also helps to provide yourcustomers with a more seamless and easy experience. Your customers receive thesatisfaction of having their call answered immediately, along with the abilityto transfer to a human agent when necessary. These hand-offs can potentiallyprovide more successful call resolutions than missed calls or callbacks.

2. Reduce Employee Overload

Overloading your call center agents can result in a poorcustomer experience, a poor public face for your business, and poor employeesatisfaction and retention. Unfortunately, call center loads can often beunpredictable, and it may not fit your company's budget to expand yourworkforce drastically. As a result, your company's overall image may suffer.

One common reason for burnout in call centers is anoverabundance of relatively rote and basic calls. Customers often ask the samequestions and may not know where to go to get answers. While you may make thisinformation available through your website or other channels, certain customerswill still reach for the phone before they utilize these resources.

AI can help by providing an easy way to get thisinformation to customers who are more comfortable making a phone call thanbrowsing a website. AI systems can quickly and seamlessly answer basicquestions to give your customers the information they need without adding tothe workload of your call center agents.

3. Improve Call Resolution and Satisfaction

A substantial part of any customer service interactioninvolves gathering data. Your call center agents cannot assist a customer ifthey don't understand the customer's needs and goals. Unfortunately, thisprocess can also occupy a significant amount of time. Even worse, an agent mayspend time gathering information, only to discover that they need to transferthe call to a different agent or department.

AI-based customer service systems provide a much smootherand less resource-intensive alternative. AI chatbots can gather basicinformation from a customer, helping your call center collect the datanecessary for a successful call resolution. Your call center can then use thisdata to pass the caller to an appropriate agent, which saves time and improvesthe odds of a successful resolution.

This tiered approach can also help to improve customersatisfaction. Many people may feel frustrated with multiple transfers or bytalking to an agent that can't help them. By collecting information first, yourcustomers will have the highest likelihood of talking to an agent who can helpthem with their problems.

Mobilize AI has over 25 years of experience helpingbusinesses of all sizes utilize artificial intelligence to reduce costs andimprove customer experiences. Get intouch with us today if you're ready to give your customers the 21st-centuryservice experience they deserve. 

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