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Frequently Asked Questions

See below for the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

how long does it take to setup a project?
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Each project is different however generally each project takes approximately 2 weeks from the date of all deliverables client are received. All projects are unique and will be programmed to each client's specific needs and requirements.

Who is m.A.Y.A.? (Machines assisting your agents)
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Never miss a call again! MAYA agents answer ALL calls, agents never call in sick or have bad days.  We take your best agent and model after that agent.  The same message is delivered each time, without variation. The perfect pitch delivered on each call!

Does Mobilize provide data with the lead gen campaigns?
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Typically our clients provide their own data for their LeadGen campaigns. We will not sell or reuse your data for any other client's campaigns. Mobilize can obtain data for your specific lead gen campaign, at an additional charge.

Is Mobilize a secure Solution?
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Yes, we are compliant with HIPPA, DSS, TCPA, and PCI. Our AI platform is securely hosted in the Google Cloud , deployed in World-wide locations.

How many call center systems does Mobilize Integrate with?
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Mobilize's AI platform is call center system agnostic. We connect the same way an at home agent connects to the system. No technical hardware or software requirements are required. You don't even need to have a technology person.

Do I still need to have an offshore or onshore call center?
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NO! You only need Live agents if they are required to be licensed. M.A.Y.A does the work of thousands of agents while handling the caller interaction 100% by herself. All at a fraction of the cost.

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