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Slash operating costs, place over 100,000 hours of calls daily, and boost response rates by 35x with secure, AI-driven technology.

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Campaign win rate
Cost reduction of calling programs
Engagement rate vs. email & SMS
Voters engaged in campaigns

The gold standard in voter activation.

Mobilize is the most advanced calling & texting platform for political campaigns. Inform, engage, and activate your supporters at unprecedented scale and speed. Whether you are driving donations, volunteer sign-ups, surveys and more, Mobilize transcends the capabilities of traditional call centers and antiquated robocallers.

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Tomorrow’s political campaign tech, today.

Excellence in every interaction.
Our AI agents don't just dial; they engage, listen, and respond, leading to a conversion rate 8x that of email and SMS.
Eliminate human-error with powerful calling technology that delivers 100% accuracy.
Process thousands of 1:1 calls in minutes
Make calls to voters without being dependent on phone bank and volunteer capacity.
Create personalized calls to maximize conversions using scripts that listen and react in real time.
Build confidence in every call
Ironclad Protection: Mobilize.AI is built on a foundation of privacy and security — TCPA, GDPR, and PCI Level 1 compliant, with no third-party data sharing.
Precise Control: Your scripts, your rules. Our AI agents deliver accuracy with every call, and never deviate from the script.
Economize without compromise
Slash costs: Mobilize.AI runs more effective call campaigns at a fraction of the cost.
Convert like never before: Mobilize clients see 20-25x the engagement their email and SMS interactions.
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Make 1:1 interactive calls at an 
unprecedented scale.

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Mobilize sets itself apart by its ability to listen and adapt in real time. If a caller doesn’t want to donate, the AI agent instead asks if they want to sign a petition. If the caller sounds excited to learn about the campaign the agent will pick that up and direct them to the appropriate action in the script. Instead of running a single campaign, a Mobilize Smart Script opens the ability to programmatically find the action your callers want to take and delivers it to them.

Spiral graphic with various campaign types converging on a Mobilize, all-in-one, campaign.

Maximize your calling efficacy.

Secure Donations
Process donations securely in real-time, offering donors a seamless way to contribute. Even process recurring contributions.
PCI level 1 security with no human interaction.
Unmatched Capacity
With unlimited call capacity, Mobilize processes over 100,000 simultaneous calls for faster information presented back to your campaign for analysis.
Reach a broader audience and generate higher engagement.
Voice, SMS, MMS
Combine voice calls with texts to directly engage voters with campaign updates and follow-ups. Provide links to donation platforms or candidate videos.
Revolutionize campaign strategies and enhance the process.
Voter Personalization
Enable campaigns to tailor messages to specific voter segments, in up to 25 languages, understanding what resonates with each group.
Identify regions where campaign efforts can yield the most impact.
Surveys & Canvassing
Conduct highly accurate surveys and political polling, capture data, and report all analytics via Mobilize detailed reporting.
Adapt campaign strategies quickly based on changing circumstances.
Concurrent Campaigns
Run more than a single campaign type in each call script. Mobilize AI agents listen to what a caller is saying and respond with the appropriate action.
Increase engagement rates by selecting the right action to serve callers on a 1:1 basis.
Unrivaled Insights
AI processes and analyzes vast amounts of voter data more efficiently than traditional methods.
Identify key demographics, voting behaviors, and trends.
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Security, Privacy, and Accuracy.

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Industry leading data handling standards.
  • GDPR
  • CCPA
  • PCI Level 1
AI assisted calls never go off script.
United States-based company with over 25 years of calling experience.
No human interaction means sensitive data is secure and private from the moment it is spoken.
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