5 ways AI enabled call center solutions are enhancing customer experience.

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Gartner has a piece of advice for customer service and support leaders – use AI!

The research firm’s 2022 study says leaders in call centers should use AI to offer insights or predictions, improve user experiences, and optimize business process automation.

AI is poised to power up to 95% of customer interactions by 2025.

As per a report, AI is poised to power up to 95% of customer interactions by 2025. And why not? By automating simple and regular tasks, AI frees agents to focus on other high-impact efforts. Plus, AI gives call centers immense advantages, resulting in personalized experiences and enhanced customer engagement.

If call centers still have doubts about adopting AI, we break down five ways that AI benefits customer service and, in turn, customer experience.

24 x 7 service: Bots are available 24 x 7 – a quintessential element to ensuring good CX for today’s intelligent customers. Automated customer service makes it possible for organizations to be available and responsive to customers and resolve issues as soon as they arise by scheduling system callbacks. Plus, they are much faster at handling basic queries like booking or cancelations, reducing long wait times, improving brand reputation, and driving customer loyalty.

Higher first call resolutions: Call center managers can leverage tools like speech analytics to gauge customers’ moods during real-time conversations. This helps floor supervisors to alert the agent when the customers are edgy or angry during ongoing calls and intervene in time to prevent escalations and improve first-call resolutions. Plus, when the agent-facing AI solutions help agents access all the information they need in one go, it automatically leads to higher customer satisfaction.

Training: Solutions like speech analytics help you to ascertain why agents are putting customers on hold for a long time or transferring them to another department. This will tell you if they need extra coaching on your policies and procedures and helps you train your agents properly so they can create that great first impression in all their customer interactions. Such solutions can be used as a great tool to improve your training programs to adapt to meet every unique need. AI can help your agents personalize their interactions with the customer, resulting in a lot of potential cross-sell and upselling opportunities.

Better customer understanding: Traditionally, companies count on CSAT surveys to gauge their customer satisfaction. But such surveys usually aren’t filled by all customers and do not give an objective picture of what your customer feels about your brand or service. AI-based speech analytics tools can continuously monitor your customer sentiment to give you a better insight into how your customers feel about your brand.

Actionable data: AI helps you capture actionable data as well as analyze the vast troves of data already present with the call centers to convert them into insights that make sense. AI tools like sentiment analysis can determine where conversations are going wrong, where you might be losing conversions, and more. For instance, AI uses NLP to read a ‘ticket’ and instantly direct it to the right team. Leveraging sentiment analysis, the tickets are tagged and prioritized accordingly, saving agents a lot of time.

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