How M.A.Y.A can improve Customer Experience in Your Call Center!

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Customer service is a complex and particularly costly business.

Customer care organizations have been working for many years to achieve economies of scale and to reduce costs in processing customer requests by using automated self-service solutions.

With Conversational and Transactional AI like M.A.Y.A (Machines Assisting Your Agents), two parameters that previously stood in contrast to each other can now be combined.

Personal service based on human voice and limitless scalability through artificial intelligence and automation.

Different time zones, language barriers, Sundays and public holidays will no longer limit a brand’s accessibility for its customers. Machines that have become human can answer customers’ questions in a personal dialogue around the clock.

AI supports call center agents in processing incoming requests by analyzing the content and providing service employees with appropriate suggestions on how to respond. This enables customer care organizations to meet the customer’s need for personal support while making the most of AI’s automation capabilities. It may sound like a paradox to the skeptic, but in this case, it is AI that ensures the human touch remains in customer care in the long term.

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